Home Improvement Stores Shift to Appeal to the Fairer Sex

More than one in three women in the UK do most home improvement jobs around the home because they do not trust a man to do the job right. These are the results of a survey carried out by Focus Do it All.

The survey of over 700 women provides evidence that fixing up the home is no longer strictly the domain of the man of the household. Women that took part in the survey commented that they had to step up to the plate and complete a job that had been started by a husband or partner. Amongst a range of comments the time taken to do a job was one of the other main reasons that women had taken over the reigns. They claimed that men took half a day to complete a simple job.

Women are more than capable of doing the job and are increasingly using power tools and taking the lead on projects. There have been a range of articles in the press recently that discuss the more active role that women have been taking with regards to home improvement. There have been a range of interesting trends discussed and experts have suggested that there will be a change in the way that the stores market products as more and more women get turned on to home improvement.

So what kind of changes can we expect from stores in order to appeal more to the fairer sex? I’m not expecting to see a range of 13 oz. Pink Hammers coming to B and Q stores any time soon but these tools are available from a range of specialist on line retailers already. Just Google “pink hammer” and you will see lots of sites have pink tools designed specifically for women. With a range of websites offering advice home improvement is accessible to everyone irrespective of sex.

On a more serious note retailers like Focus have started to take notice of the increasing female market as an important growing segment and will have to appeal to this segment in order to ensure continuing success. This is all backed up by the claim in the survey that three out of four women claimed to make all of the DIY project decisions